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The Truth

National Television Spot


Cincinnati Insurance is a national insurance company for high-value customers and companies with a great reputation for stability and integrity. This leading insurance company was developing its first-ever advertising campaign in its 60-year history to start competing with some of the biggest advertisers out there, like Geico, Progressive, Allstate and Nationwide. Cincinnati Insurance needed to rise above the sea of sameness and be heard.


Cincinnati Insurance is known by brokers as being an incredibly high-touch product, we just needed to let consumers know about it. So we took a standard approach—consumers’ fears and worries—and turned it on its head. And we did it in style. We developed a big idea focused on the incredible quality of Cincinnati Insurance’s product—that Cincinnati Insurance is so good, you will have to find something new to worry about.


  • New business premiums set a new record high at $543 million
  • CIC’s net income rose 23%

Campaign Creative

Website Redesign




CIC Print Year 3

Executive Capstone Brochure

CIC Executive Capstone


Target Market Support

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 4.42.42 PM



Year One Campaign Creative



In year one of the CIC’s first ad campaign, Curiosity highlighted its selective independent agent recruitment policy, its 60-year history, versatility, and relationship-building skills. The big idea driving the campaign was that Cincinnati Insurance is so good consumers will have to find something else to worry about besides insurance. Deliverables included a logo redesign, out-of-home, print, digital banners and more!

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