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Check out our latest spot for Roto-Rooter featuring Jason Hawes from the hit reality TV series Ghost Hunters! In this video, Jason shows us what we should really be afraid of in the creepy corners of dark basements.

Case Study


How do you help Roto-Rooter, the number-one plumbing and drain cleaning company in the country, start engaging the next generation of homeowners—millennials—and at the same time educate them about services that are not on their radar?


Make the brand funny and memorable in the vein of the revival of Old Spice, while pushing the message that Roto-Rooter will handle all of consumers’ plumbing needs quickly. It’s a creative’s dream account—did you know the thing in your toilet that controls the water level is called a ballcock? Comedic gold.


  • Revenue increased by 13.7% during Q4 2015
  • Plumbing services increased by 10.3% increase during Q4 2015
  • Post impressions by millennial audience increased by 292%
  • Post engagement increased by 156%
  • “Thanksgiving Drama” video featured in Ad Age (article here)
  • Campaign was awarded Best in Show at the AAF’s CincinnADDY 2016 awards


Campaign Creative



Thanksgiving Drama


Plumbing Christmas Carol


The Christmas Clog




How to Poop at Work


Roto-Rooter Social Media


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