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A Healthy Debate



Elevate Dean Foods’ new chocolate milk TruMoo to beat out the long-seated #1 flavored milk, Nestlé Nesquik and help mom discover that chocolate milk is a great, healthy snack for kids.


Our insight process revealed that while moms were skeptical about the nutritional value of the big chocolate milk brands, they were open to more wholesome alternatives. We knew TruMoo offered a solution, so we helped mom with a healthy debate showing all the pros and cons to help convince her that the right chocolate milk is a healthy choice. We created a 360-degree campaign to foster consideration and awareness, which included national TV, website redesign, video pre-roll, digital, social media, product naming, print, in-store, FSI, point of sale and more.


  • Grew the category by 20%
  • Became the #1 flavored milk product in the U.S., unseating Nestlé Nesquik
  • Named 4th top product launch in US by IRI Trendsetter


Website Redesign



Video Pre-Roll




Social Media



Blogger Outreach

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