Aug 21, 2017

9 Things to Know About April

1. You live in a condo in downtown Cincinnati. What are the things about urban life that you enjoy so much? We absolutely LOVE living downtown. My husband and I are both urban dwellers and are trying to instill the same love of the city to our son, Sam. There is nothing quite like being... Read More

Aug 17, 2017

10 Things to Know About Angie

1) What is the most ridiculous thing you have spent more than $10 on? The Mr. Whipstir. It’s the new, futuristic way to whisk! I was recently on vacation picking up groceries in Meijer and actually stopped in the cooking section to watch an infomercial-y and super-cheesy demo of this magical cooking tool. And, yes,... Read More

Aug 17, 2017

8 Things to Know About Elizabeth

1) What is something you get unreasonably excited about? Pugs. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in; they always make me happy. If my doctor ever has to deliver news that I have a terminal illness, they should tell me and then immediately bring in a pug. I’ll be distracted long enough for the doctor... Read More

Aug 10, 2017

Angie Needs Your Vote!

Click to vote! Angie Fischer is in the running for the first annual Goering Center Rising Leader Award. If you’ve ever worked with Angie, you know she is strategic, thoughtful and passionate about every client’s business she’s ever worked on. If you haven’t, take our word for it—she’s pretty cool and kicks serious marketing butt.... Read More

Aug 02, 2017

Curiosity 100: Gen Z + Online

We were curious about how Gen Z (the generation following millennials) is interacting and using the digital space, so we asked 100 consumers ages 13-21 to tell us about it. We got some pretty interesting feedback and translated it into an info... Read More

Jul 27, 2017

7 Things to Know About Yvonne

1. What is your favorite movie genre to see in a theater, specifically? Romantic, chick-flick types of movies. There’s something about being in a theater, hopelessly romantic with a wad of tissues and some Red Vines. Then, the lights come on and it’s back to reality.   2. If one word were to appear on... Read More

Jul 25, 2017

Penn Station Taps Curiosity as AOR

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              July 25, 2017   Penn Station East Coast Subs Hires Curiosity Advertising as Agency of Record   (CINCINNATI, OHIO)—Penn Station, a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in hot and cold sandwiches, hired Curiosity Advertising as its new agency of record after a review of several national and regional agencies. The chain has... Read More

Jul 21, 2017

What Do Facebook’s Link Changes Mean for Your Brand?

The Situation Facebook recently announced changes in users’ ability to edit link previews in both organic and promoted posts in an effort to prevent fake news sources from spreading misinformation on the platform. Facebook began implementing the changes this week to organic posts specifically, and more changes are expected to roll out in the coming weeks... Read More

Jul 12, 2017

9 Things to Know About Allie

We’re happy to have Allie in our account department this summer! 1) Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. When I was in elementary school, I took a trip to Disney World with my extended family. While we were waiting to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad, my cousins and I started... Read More

Jul 12, 2017

Boost Your Brand by Launching a Movement

Some things just never change. While the digital revolution has reshaped how we do almost everything, there are always those activities that are so important to us that they simply cannot be replaced. This was a lesson we learned back in the ’90s. Remember those days when every new technological development was breathlessly lauded with... Read More