Dec 18, 2013

The Making of Krampus—Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Goat Monster

When Krampus first called Curiosity, he was just your average European holiday goat monster that beat the daylights out of naughty children for a living. He needed a new image, a new message, clothes, dental work, rebirthing therapy—look, he needed a lot, OK? In the end, a few of us agreed to help him out... Read More

Jun 14, 2013

Friday Stuff 06.14.2013

Have a look at our weekly roundup, delivered some time before the office field trip. Slightly abbreviated. Enjoy your weekend. Love, The Interns NORTH KOREA: Vice has created a three part documentary about their fascinating trip to North Korea. The art of Horror by Joshua Hoffine. Fiat’s interesting Twitter stunt – too fast to... Read More

May 31, 2013

Friday Stuff 05.31.2013

So the interns have been put in charge of creating a “weekly roundup.” This is content that’s funny, interesting or relevant. Look forward to it every Friday around 4pm. Enjoy your weekend. Love, The Interns ART:Murals, signs and other specialized projects. MEDIA: Pepsi integrating sampling with social media and data collection. Great Buildings... Read More