Aug 02, 2014

Curiosity Day: Mammoth Cave

What: Intro to Caving Tour Where: Mammoth Cave – Kentucky Description: For a few years now I’ve wanted to make a trip to Mammoth Cave, the world’s longest cave system, and my Curiosity Day finally gave me an excuse. I did some research and found an Introduction to Caving Tour. The tour was 3.5 hours... Read More

Jul 25, 2014

Spotlight: Account Intern, Ben Stevens

You are, as they say, somewhat of a legacy at Miami University. Tell us about your family and their history of attending the school. Well, my parents were Miami mergers. Almost all of my aunts and uncles were Redskins as well. My little brother and I grew up spending time in Oxford and fell love... Read More

Jul 22, 2014

Running a Marathon—A New Feat in a New City

The old bucket list. Everyone has one in some capacity, and while I stated for years that I didn’t, there was always a nagging itch and voice in my ear that came up at the beginning of every “race season” (aka each spring) for me. When was I going to cross that marathon off the... Read More

Jul 16, 2014

Jo Dee Messina Case Study

Initiative Branding, Kickstarter campaign Challenge Jo Dee Messina, multi-platinum, award-winning country singer/songwriter, broke away from her record label of 17 years in search of innovation. While grateful for the support of her previous record... Read More

Jul 10, 2014

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Case Study

Background In 2008 Cincinnati Bell launched cutting-edge Fioptics service that included TV, Internet and home phone. As a result of the expensive build-out costs, they were only able to sell their services to select pockets of the greater Cincinnati... Read More

Jul 09, 2014

Streaming Through Space

By the time you read this, NASA’s Voyager 1 will be about 20 million kilometers away from Earth. On the probe is a gold record with the hopes that it will tell some other civilization that we’re decent folk and they should not come here and harvest us like farm animals. Here are the tracks:... Read More

Jul 09, 2014

Boy Scouts “Be Prepared” Campaign

Initiative Creative refreshment campaign Challenge The Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America, serves youth in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas. With the 2013 Fall Recruitment season approaching, Curiosity was tasked with the... Read More

Jun 27, 2014

Junior Art Director: Maria Bee

Mandatory Question: Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. It can be funny, surprising, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one. I’ll tell one that my dad loves to tell… I grew up on a farm, and when I was younger we had cows, which I thought... Read More

Jun 26, 2014

Musings from A Mad Man

Musings from a Mad Man David Bell may be the closest thing we have to Roger Sterling today (or Bert Cooper as Andy Brownell has said), and for good reason (apart from the fact that he was around in those old Mad Men days). The man has quite a résumé. As the former CEO of... Read More

Jun 23, 2014

The Value of Curiosity in Today’s Educational System

As an avid (and somewhat recent) fan of author Bill Bryson, I received a notification in my Facebook Feed the other day from his author page on an interview from The Telegraph. In it, he declares one of the biggest failures of modern education is a lack of excitement. In fact, he goes on to... Read More