Oct 25, 2014

Curiosity Day: April Martini

As many of you know if you keep up with the Curiosity blog, employees are allowed one day per year to participate in something they are passionate about. Initially, my Curiosity Day was going to be spent on a trip to the Northeast—Maine and Rhode Island—since neither my husband nor I have been there, and... Read More

Oct 25, 2014

Spotlight: Senior Account Exec Deirdre Heid

1) You went to college in lower Manhattan and then got a job in Cincinnati. What are the top three things you miss most about New York? Is there anything about Cincinnati you actually like better (cost of living does not count)? There are a billion things I miss about NYC, but these would be... Read More

Oct 21, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Curiosity

How does that saying go again? Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten? Well as I learned last week, that phrase especially holds true when it comes to curiosity. I recently set off on an adventure with my favorite captains of curiosity, my twin kindergarteners, Ben and Lily. For their school’s fall break... Read More

Oct 10, 2014

Spotlight: Creative Director Ried Cartwright

1) I’m assuming you’ve been going to Michigan virtually every summer for your entire life. There’s something about it that sucks us in. What is it for you? Well, for starters funny story about the word “assume,” this cop told me this once in Mariemont, “Boy, all that does is make an ass out of... Read More

Sep 25, 2014

10 Things I Learned On My Curiosity Day

One of the great things about working at Curiosity Advertising is the fact that each employee is given an extra day off each year. It’s called a “Curiosity Day,” and it encourages us to go out and explore, and to learn something different—something we are curious about. After nearly 20 years, I chose to go... Read More

Sep 19, 2014

Curiosity Featured in The Business Courier

Some great publicity around a recent Kickstarter initiative we conducted for one of our clients, country music star Jo Dee Messina: http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/blog/2013/09/giving-consumers-control-boosted-these.html... Read More

Sep 17, 2014

Account Team Learns A New Skill

At first glance, this photo doesn’t look out of the ordinary—the cutting table is a regularly populated location in our office as items are produced for various client meetings and deliverables. However, as you learn more about the people featured in the photo, you realize that this is where the unexpected comes in. All four... Read More

Sep 11, 2014

Spotlight: Michael Cole

1) What is your favorite condiment? Why is it superior to all other condiments, in your opinion? (If you actually hate condiments, explain why, you weirdo.) Is ice cream a condiment? No? Well I have to admit, I’ve bought into the (somewhat) recent guacamole craze. I’m willing to try anything a restaurant serves if it... Read More

Sep 11, 2014

Jo Dee Messina Fan Engagement Info Graphic

Jo Dee Messina’s tireless efforts to launch her new album and engage her fans have been paying off in a lot of ways. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to keep track of it all. So Curiosity created an info graphic to make it a little easier. Take a look!... Read More

Aug 29, 2014

Curiosity Company Portrait

To celebrate our growth over the past three years, we thought it would be fun to put together a company portrait paying homage to the Mad Men agencies that have gone before us and paved the way for today’s Curiosity Advertising.... Read More