Aug 04, 2015

Canva: Making design easier done than said.

Post by: Lydia Tissandier, Curiosity Advertising Design Intern Modern American designer Charles Eames once said, “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” In other words, it isn’t until we discover a need that we realize it ever existed in the first place. It has always been a struggle for design to be recognized... Read More

Jul 23, 2015

Corporate vs. Creative: Finding Your Fit

Here’s the deal—I am a confused 20-year-old college student. I don’t know what I want to do in life. I can identify parts of working that I like, but I have seemingly no idea of what I really love. Something that has really helped give me some direction, though, has been interning in two contrasting... Read More

Jul 23, 2015

TruMoo Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

It’s hard to fail at cake. When you add TruMoo Chocolate Milk, peanut butter and…more butter, it’s practically impossible. With a perfect frosting-to-cake ratio (50:50) plus extra toppings, this cake is not for the light dessert-er. You’re about to immerse yourself and those around you in an intense sugar experience. And as you venture forth... Read More

Jul 17, 2015

Internship: A Curious Experience

I always thought an internship was an opportunity to maybe learn something valuable while running between the copier and the coffee machine. When I stepped through the front door of Curiosity marked with a sign that read “open mind, enter here,” I realized interning here would be different. That sign was just the start, and... Read More

Jul 16, 2015

Boxed Brownie Surprise

Creole chef legend Paul Prudhomme once said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food,” and I could not agree more, especially when it comes to dessert. If you don’t like chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth brownies, then these treats may not be for you. However, if you do enjoy a hearty, fun dessert, stay tuned.... Read More

Jul 15, 2015

Creativity From a Non-Creative

My name is Ben Schloss—I am a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati studying marketing and finance and am now interning as an assistant account executive for the summer. Account executives focus more on the business side of the advertising world and ensure that all people involved are up to date and on the same... Read More

Jul 09, 2015

What does a Media Intern do at Curiosity?

Dear curious readers, My name is Oliver Mauk—I’m heading into my junior year at DePauw University, where I study communication and media. This summer at Curiosity, I’ve been interning with the media team wearing many different hats, but lately my focus has been developing clients’ online presence. To offer some insight into what I’ve been... Read More

Jun 25, 2015


At the University of Kentucky, I had a number of professors who worked as creative directors or copywriters at big-name agencies—some of whom have been out of the business for 20 to 30 years. In contrast, experiencing life at an actual agency, rather than hearing about it secondhand in class, has shown me the true... Read More

Jun 18, 2015

I Learned Everything About Advertising From “What Women Want”

Mel Gibson starring opposite Helen Hunt in a romantic comedy based in an advertising agency. That was it. That was my introduction to the advertising world at the age of 10. The thought that I could get paid to come up with the creative advertisements I saw all around me dazzled me. I was hooked.... Read More

Jun 11, 2015

Curiosity Launches Full Ad Campaign for DairyPure, A Shiny New Billion-Dollar Brand

Curiosity Advertising launched a full, 360-degree advertising campaign to support Dean Foods’ DairyPure brand introduction to the marketplace. DairyPure, the first national fresh white milk brand in the country, became a $2.5 billion brand overnight. This multibillion-dollar brand includes retail, school and institutional distribution.... Read More