What I’ve learned about Diaper Rash Cream

Aug 05, 2015

Post by: Maggie Groff, Curiosity Insights intern

Thanks to my internship in Curiosity’s Insights department, I now know way more about diaper rash cream than any average college student should. I also have a pretty decent understanding of fermented legumes, mobile banking preferences, and the safety concerns of people traveling to amusement parks. As a market research intern, my job is to figure out why consumers are doing what they do, ranging from why consumers don’t want to bake from scratch anymore to why gaming on a big-screen projector is superior to a regular TV. This involves asking a lot of questions and, yes, being very curious.

Basically, I get to learn about a bunch of completely random things and how they are affected by, and related to, consumers. Our clients give us topics they’re interested in—online banking, traveling to amusement parks, healthy breakfasts—and we deliver a report chock full of our findings to the client. This allows them to make intelligent business decisions that cater to their ideal customer.

Curiosity Insights conducts research in a unique way, combining both qualitative and quantitative data to tell the most powerful story. Our process delivers great results because we discover the human, emotional side (the qualitative), which is reinforced by the hard facts (the quantitative). All good companies will say that market research is an important part of successfully selling any product or service, and it’s a no-brainer—understand who your consumer is and how that consumer operates, and you will be able to sell to them.

As we learn about each of these very unique topics, the client learns as well. I’ve enjoyed my time as a research intern so immensely because I’m quite literally getting paid to discover fascinating new ideas, patterns, and trends. My favorite moments have been looking at raw data and thinking to myself, “Well, that’s interesting…” Just like our name states, we are constantly asking curious questions, and we assist our clients in doing the same.