What does a Media Intern do at Curiosity?

Jul 09, 2015

Dear curious readers,

My name is Oliver Mauk—I’m heading into my junior year at DePauw University, where I study communication and media. This summer at Curiosity, I’ve been interning with the media team wearing many different hats, but lately my focus has been developing clients’ online presence. To offer some insight into what I’ve been learning at Curiosity, I thought I’d share a quick overview of some of the client work I’ve been assisting with, listed below:


Social Media Management: Social media gives brands the opportunity to connect with their consumers in a more conversational way than any other platform. Companies create content or posts that are both inline with their brand and interesting to consumers. At Curiosity, I’ve been able to create that content (like brand-featured recipes), post it to the brands’ page, and then measure the engagement created by that post.


SEM (a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing): Companies always want to increase consumer traffic to their websites. One way to do that is to incorporate popular search words into their sites so they appear at the top of Google searches. Of course, we need to know what those words are before we can add them to client websites, which is where I come in. I conduct keyword searches and compile lists of the words that will work best for our clients. The best words have the highest ROI and generate the most clicks while still remaining relevant to the brand.


Competitive Audits: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Companies need to know what their competition is doing so they can perform well in their market. For each audit I’ve worked on, I compiled information about client competitors’ social media presence, website design and functionality, SEM and SEO spend as well as any recent PR.


Working with these platforms and conducting this research has shown me that oftentimes the best advertising doesn’t feel like advertising at all. If brands can reach consumers in new and unexpected ways, they can make more meaningful and lasting connections with them.