What Can Marketers Learn from Pokémon GO?

Nov 10, 2016


Okay, everyone is playing Pokémon Go. So, it’s no surprise we’ve seen so many headlines like “What’s Your Pokémon Go Strategy?” While Pokémon GO’s success is, no doubt, due to its unique blending of reality with the digital world, it can’t ignored that taps into key human dynamics, not unlike previous, highly-addictive games. Historically, we called this gamification.

Gamification, that is, applying the key elements that make a game engaging, can be applied to many aspects of the marketing world, including research, innovation, events, promotions and contests.

We’ve identified nine human dynamics of gamification that should be the strategic starting point for creative development.


What We Learn from Pokémon GO

While Pokémon GO is the hot topic right now, we must realize there are clear, underlying human motivations. I love video games, but I do not suddenly become a different creature because I have a joystick in my hand. Quite the opposite: the likelihood that I will become “addicted” to the game is directly related to how effectively the game brings the Nine Human Factors to life.

The same is true of promotions, panels, communities and events.

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