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Sep 11, 2014

Jo Dee Messina Fan Engagement Info Graphic

Jo Dee Messina’s tireless efforts to launch her new album and engage her fans have been paying off in a lot of ways. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to keep track of it all. So Curiosity created an info graphic to make it a little easier. Take a look!... Read More

Aug 08, 2014

The Creative Build: Failure is Freedom

At some point in life you may have heard someone say, “You must conquer your fears.” Which is good advice. A life free from fear is the freedom to live your life. Pretty sure I saw that on a bumper sticker once. The point is though, on the fear scale, right below being eaten by... Read More

Jul 09, 2014

Streaming Through Space

By the time you read this, NASA’s Voyager 1 will be about 20 million kilometers away from Earth. On the probe is a gold record with the hopes that it will tell some other civilization that we’re decent folk and they should not come here and harvest us like farm animals. Here are the tracks:... Read More

Jun 26, 2014

Musings from A Mad Man

Musings from a Mad Man David Bell may be the closest thing we have to Roger Sterling today (or Bert Cooper as Andy Brownell has said), and for good reason (apart from the fact that he was around in those old Mad Men days). The man has quite a résumé. As the former CEO of... Read More

Jun 23, 2014

The Value of Curiosity in Today’s Educational System

As an avid (and somewhat recent) fan of author Bill Bryson, I received a notification in my Facebook Feed the other day from his author page on an interview from The Telegraph. In it, he declares one of the biggest failures of modern education is a lack of excitement. In fact, he goes on to... Read More

Jun 21, 2014

Friday Stuff 06.21.2013

Have a look at our weekly roundup, hastily thrown together this Friday afternoon. We shortened it because Deirdre complained. But fear not, it is still good stuff. Probably. Enjoy your weekend. Love, The Interns BUZZFEED: 35 completely awesome facts that will make you a better person. Volkswagen Beetle, topless. Suitable for work. Show... Read More

Jun 12, 2014

Nobody Likes a Typo

Have you ever received one of those ridiculously blatant scam emails? You know the type. One of Curiosity’s principals received a message a few months back claiming that he’d won “Six Hunderd Million Dollars” from the European lottery and forwarded the embarrassing scam to the entire company for a good laugh. It’s something we all... Read More

Jun 07, 2014

Friday Stuff 06.07.2013

Have a look at our weekly roundup, this time with more ads. Delivered punctually at 4:00pm every Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Love, The Interns TRAILER: For the new film “Syrup,” based on Max Barry’s novel of the same name. things advertising people know to be true. isn’t real. What? Read to the end... Read More

Jun 02, 2014

The Creative Build: The Fight for What’s Right.

At times in our lives, we all reflect on the age-old proposition of right vs. wrong, and I’ve discovered that in advertising this is especially easy to do. It usually goes something like this: “Is what I do for a living making the world a better place? Oh! Pizza’s here!” Now I don’t know about... Read More

Jun 01, 2014

OTR and the Old Days

I am embarrassed to say that I have lived in Cincinnati all my life and while I currently spend a lot of time in the “new” OTR, I have not been terribly immersed in the history here. That all changed a couple of weeks ago when I went with a group of family and friends... Read More