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Jul 11, 2017

Is Content Really King?

They say content is king. But is it really? Well, yes—but behind every king is an even greater queen. In this case, content’s queen is context. When used correctly, content placed with the right context can make your brand relatable, educate your consumer audience and elevate brand awareness in a way that connects to your services in... Read More

Apr 12, 2017

Can Robots Relate? What Persado Means for Copywriting

Hi There, Megan! Open to See Your Reward: 20% Off Only a year into the industry, I am faced with an age-old battle: Woman vs. Machine. Persado, the new copy generator, has come for my cute little entry-level job. Persado is a system that machine generates subject lines, digital ads, display ads, tweets and even... Read More

Feb 17, 2017

9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining the Political Shouting Match

  There’s nothing new about companies influencing politics and vice versa. Corporate lobbying is thriving, a common practice in the U.S. since roughly the 1970s (though it’s been around much longer than that). But with the election and induction of President Trump, some of the biggest brands in the country—in some cases, the world—that previously worked behind... Read More

Feb 07, 2017

Does digital media need housekeeping?

Position: Brands need to be asking their agencies the right questions about digital media measurement and have a right to transparency. Curiosity Advertising picks our media vendors similarly to how we pick our clients—by looking for partners with the same values that we embody. They should be trusting, honest and truly a partner in this... Read More

Jan 19, 2017

3 Tips on Integrating Mktg Tech into Your Campaign

Marketing technology is a vast and exciting area of opportunity to integrate additional tactics and experiences into your campaign. You can pepper in some 360-degree video, a virtual-reality world, some location-based gamification with AR, a few regionalized Snapchat lenses and a bit of some context-aware ads via beacons and BOOM! You will be the proud... Read More

Jan 19, 2017

120 Years of Social Media

“We live in a time when technology is more disruptive than ever before in history!” This is a favorite exclamation of many, but particularly those of us in the advertising industry. This comment is often followed by a declaration of how much we must change to “keep up.”  Yes, the tools consumers use to gather... Read More

Jan 19, 2017

Numbers: They’re Not Just for Nerds Anymore

The Urgent Need for Marketing Metrics Can I be honest? Numbers scare me. Well, at least they used to. I blame grade-school teachers who diligently tried to teach me algebra, but when asked, “Why do we do it this way?” would reply, “Cause, that’s just what we do.”  A thoroughly dissatisfying answer. However, over the... Read More

Nov 10, 2016

Time to Get Your Data In Order

Data! Tired of hearing about data and how it’s so important yet? I think we all get the point by now: data is important. Yet so many companies are still missing a huge opportunity by not using their data to answer important questions about their business. If this is you, don’t worry, you’re in a... Read More

Nov 10, 2016

4 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Clinton vs. Trump

The election is over. Finally. Often I’ve heard it was the nastiest campaign in history. I assume this is more of a hyperbolic statement than a factual one. The Andrew Jackson/John Quincy Adams contest of 1828 has to take the prize since an Adams newspaper said this, “General Jackson’s mother was a common prostitute, brought... Read More

Nov 10, 2016

What Can Marketers Learn from Pokémon GO?

Okay, everyone is playing Pokémon Go. So, it’s no surprise we’ve seen so many headlines like “What’s Your Pokémon Go Strategy?” While Pokémon GO’s success is, no doubt, due to its unique blending of reality with the digital world, it can’t ignored that taps into key human dynamics, not unlike previous, highly-addictive games. Historically, we... Read More