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Jul 25, 2018

7 Things to Know About Stephanie S.

Lover of Vegas, hater of gambling. Learn more about HR Coordinator Stephanie Spencer. ... Read More

Apr 23, 2018

8 Things to Know About Stephanie G.

Senior Account Executive Stephanie Gale, Curiosity's resident Aussie, weighs in on her travels, her love life, and her feelings about National Hug an Australian Day (April 26).... Read More

Apr 10, 2018

7 Things to Know About Lauren H.

Senior Media Strategist Lauren Henninger is obsessed with social media, analytics and…boy bands? Read on and learn more about Lauren, what makes her a curious person, and which '90s dreamboats she’s met on her travel adventures. 1) Tell... Read More

Mar 26, 2018

9 Things to Know About Robert

1) If you had unlimited resources for the next two years, what would you do? (After two years, you go back to your life as is now.) I would like to tell you that all of my energy would go towards saving the world and volunteering, but that would be a... Read More

Oct 10, 2017

9 Things To Know About Heather

  1) What would people be surprised to learn about you? I was attacked by Voldemort. That’s right, I am the chosen one. But in all seriousness, I got bit by a dog when I was 8 years old and had to get over 500 stitches on my head. It was pretty brutal, like you... Read More

Sep 27, 2017

9 Things To Know About GraceE

1)Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. It can be funny, surprising, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one. I was obsessed with dressing myself as a kid and I would like to think I was somewhat of a trendsetter. I went through a big phase where... Read More

Sep 10, 2017

8 Things to Know About Joel

1) Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. So back in high school I got into a photoshop war with one of my classmates and the results were printed and posted up all over the building. Basically we took turns photoshopping each other’s faces onto ridiculous, sometimes hideous images. This... Read More

Aug 31, 2017

9 Things to Know About Emily

1)   What is something you get unreasonably excited about? Tacos. Part of the reason I was so excited that Curiosity is located downtown is that I know I can find some good tacos for lunch without looking too far. I’m a pretty simple eater and most of the food I want to eat on a... Read More

Aug 21, 2017

9 Things to Know About April

1. You live in a condo in downtown Cincinnati. What are the things about urban life that you enjoy so much? We absolutely LOVE living downtown. My husband and I are both urban dwellers and are trying to instill the same love of the city to our son, Sam. There is nothing quite like being... Read More

Aug 17, 2017

10 Things to Know About Angie

1) What is the most ridiculous thing you have spent more than $10 on? The Mr. Whipstir. It’s the new, futuristic way to whisk! I was recently on vacation picking up groceries in Meijer and actually stopped in the cooking section to watch an infomercial-y and super-cheesy demo of this magical cooking tool. And, yes,... Read More