Spotlight: Digital Project Manager Kevin Clark

Mar 07, 2014


1) What is your favorite meal to cook for someone else?

Well I have been compared to Tom Colicchio (Top Chef, see header image) by my peers a few times; and my favorite meal to cook would have to be either grilled salmon glazed over with BBQ sauce and brown sugar, or pork chops with brussels sprouts topped with a little olive oil and broiled. Bon appétit!

2) Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. It can be funny, surprising, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one.

Well when I was younger I used to live in Chicago. We lived right down the street from a McDonald’s. One day my mom went outside to see what I was doing and she couldn’t find me. About half an hour later, a policeman dropped me off. I was about five and had apparently “driven” my Fisher Price mini car to Mickey D’s and tried to order ice cream at the drive-thru!

3) What is something you get unreasonably excited about?

Springtime! It means the winter is almost over; the snow will soon be gone, warmer weather and more daylight! March Madness begins. The Masters starts. Reds are in spring training. And summer is right around the corner!

4) Have you ever been outside the country? If so, where and why?

Yes, I have. Some of the places I have been to are: Australia, London, Brussels, Paris, Belgium, Luxemburg, Mexico and Canada (if that counts). The most recent destination was Australia. A couple friends and I wanted to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and also wanted to dive with great white sharks. We also had friends that lived over there. It was by far the best trip I have ever been on. I got to see so many cool things, including: the Australian Open; the Great Ocean Road; the Great Barrier Reef; and the world’s oldest rain forest, the Daintree Rainforest.



5) Your fascination with technology has dictated both your academic and professional career. Explain what it is about technology that you find so interesting.

What intrigues me about technology is that it has revolutionized just about everything in our lives and is constantly changing. The fact that it has impacted the way we communicate, how we do business, the tools and information available at the touch of a fingertip amazes me. I’m convinced that if you are not staying ahead of the game or constantly evolving, you will soon be left in the dark.

6) You could be described as a golf enthusiast and we have a lot of those in the agency. What is it about golf that attracts you? (You’re welcome, Snyder.)

What attracts me to golf is that it is a sport that you can play until you’re 90 years old. You get to play outside, be with friends for fun or get in tournaments and play competitively.

7) What is your favorite movie genre to see in a theater, specifically?

Action thriller or drama. The most recent movie I saw was The Lone Survivor. The movie was outstanding however not quite as good as the book.

8) Of all the cities you’ve been to, which did you connect with more than any other? Why?

I would have to say New York City! It’s face paced, always has something going on, crowed streets and people from all over the world visit daily. I love seeing and meeting people from different parts of the world. I also enjoy the different neighborhoods of NYC and what each one has to offer.