Spotlight: Developer Nat Hamilton

Feb 28, 2014


1) Tell us about your curious/wildly indecisive academic path. How did you go from a general art degree to art education to special education to graphic design and finally land on programming?

I went to Southern State Community College in 2005 and got an Associates in Arts with the intent of going to Northern Kentucky University to become an art teacher. But after arriving at NKU in 2007, I switched my major to junior high special education. After two years of doing that, I switched my major to graphic design. Then after taking some computer science classes for fun, I switched to media informatics. So my official degree from NKU is a Bachelor’s in Media Informatics with two areas of concentration journalism.

2) What, in your opinion, is the most superior ice cream treat thing from the following list: Choco Taco, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (the chocolate chip kind, duh), Drumstick?

Choco Taco. Less messy than an ice cream sandwich, same payoff as a Drumbstick and it’s called Choco Taco. It wins by name alone.

3) Tell us about the bison and the Michigan apple tree.

My grandfather had a bison farm in Michigan for most of my childhood. My cousins and I spent our summers up there and would take turns climbing over the fence to grab apples from the tree before the bison or my grandfather would chase us off.

4) What exactly is “pseudocode” and tell us how it helps people make the connection between logical reasoning and programming.

Pseudocode is a way to write out the structure of a program without having to write any real code. You’re just writing out the logic (i.e., if the user clicks this, then do this). ITTT is a really cool app that lets you write pseudocode to automate task on your phone. Here’s a link:

5) How did you get here? What was it about Curiosity that sparked your interest?

I was freelancing for a few months when I started working for Curiosity. I really liked the team and the upcoming projects looked exciting; so when given the opportunity to join Curiosity, I didn’t think twice.

6) What’s the last random internet…thing…you saw that made you laugh out loud to yourself?


7) What is the most ridiculous thing you have spent more than $10 on?

I recently bought this RobotCup:


8) What was your favorite course in college that was unrelated to your major?

Intro to JAVA: I remember this being the class that got me really interested in programing.