Spotlight: Account Executive Cat Watson

Apr 14, 2016

Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. It can be funny, surprising, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one. 

I have always been an animal lover and was obsessed with hamsters. My brother and I both got our own when we were in elementary school. His was named Dexter and mine was Sammy Sosa! We would make obstacle courses for them and tried to train them…like dogs. Obviously, they aren’t dogs and cannot be trained. Eventually we lost Sammy during one of our elaborate courses. We found him a week later…noooo, not dead! He was munching on a bag of chips in a garbage can!


What is your spirit animal? If you think you don’t have one, you do now.

My spirit animal is a dolphin. They are the most magnificent and beautiful creatures on the planet! One time, I was on vacation in Florida with my best friends Meredith and Elizabeth and they told me that they saw a dolphin and I cried because I didn’t get to see it…I was 16.


You’ve been dancing since you were three. What do you love about it? Why did you stick with it over other sports/other extracurricular activities? 

Dancing is a mentally and physically challenging sport. Yes, I said it…it’s a sport! Each dance I performed pushed me to go to a new place mentally; whether it was a fun, energetic tap dance or a lyrical dance portraying abuse. You have to become an actress and perform each dance to the fullest. The bond between a dance team is one of the strongest I’ve seen, because to make a dance amazing, everyone has to dance, look and move as one person.


You’ve been coaching a middle school dance team for the past six years, which is a huge time commitment. What drives you to put in the time and effort and what keeps you coming back?

Coaching has been a huge passion in my life since I started when I was 20. Yes, winning state and national championships is very fun, but knowing that I have an impact on the next generation of kids is more rewarding that any award. Middle school is a hard time on everyone—new friends, new school, new teachers, new sports teams, etc., but I keep coming back to help these young ladies find their path in life and make the best decisions on and off the dance team. Being able to see the dancers grow from 6th grade through high school graduation has been truly amazing!



How did studying abroad in Ireland change your general outlook and motivation?

Studying abroad was one of the best and scariest decisions I have ever made. Moving out of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky was beyond terrifying and very out of my comfort zone at the time. But throughout my four months there, I realized how enormous the world really is. It taught me to let the petty crap in life not become larger issues than they should be because it doesn’t really matter. I got to travel, eat a lot of new food (blood sausage…I couldn’t do that), drink a fair amount of Guinness, and meet some of my best friends! I cannot wait to visit Cork, Ireland again!!!


What is your favorite meal to cook for someone else?

My favorite meal to cook for my family would be steak, potatoes and asparagus:

  • Filet mignon with a grill rub cooked on high heat to sear, then cook until medium rare.
  • Red potatoes diced with olive oil, garlic, onion powder and rosemary cooked at 400 degrees in the oven (crispy exterior and creamy interior).
  • Asparagus with olive oil, lots of garlic cooked at 425 degrees in the oven until al dente.
  • And, of course, a nice glass of red wine!


Favorite fast food that makes you want to cry in the shower after eating.

Skyline—it’s a love hate relationship.