A Sincerely Cincinnati TV Shoot

Mar 21, 2014


Curiosity’s new TV spot for Cincinnati Bell started airing this past week. Titled “This Is Where We Live,” the spot gives viewers a glimpse into just a few of the different ways Cincinnati Bell gives back to the community.

To achieve the desired authentic feel for this spot, we enlisted the help of real Cincinnati Bell employees as our talent instead of hiring actors. We also used actual places around Cincinnati where Cincinnati Bell is involved as our locations. All of this made for a very fun (and very busy) two days of shooting.

Our first shoot day began at a cool local bicycle shop. As you can see from the photo below, we had a lot of crew members and equipment packed into a narrow space with lots of bikes, but these guys work wonders and set up the scene perfectly as always.


Next we headed to a studio to shoot some smaller transition scenes. The plan was to end the day outside at Smale Riverfront Park at The Banks to shoot a scene representing the Labor Day fireworks, but of course the forecast called for a 100% chance of terrible weather, so we made it work by staying in the studio and shooting a group of employees in front of a green screen, complete with flashing colored lights and rock music to get them pumped up and feeling like they were actually watching fireworks over the river.


Our second day of shooting started off at St. Aloysius. We shot a scene with the CEO of Cincinnati Bell and the director of St. Aloysius inside, and we also shot the outside of the building because it was such a nice day out, unlike the previous day. The outside shot didn’t make it into the final spot, but we can still appreciate the work the crew did to get rid of the patches of snow and add greenery to the landscaping in the middle of winter.


Our final location was at a local high school. We shot two scenes here, the first being an employee coaching his basketball team in the school’s gym.


For the last scene of the shoot, we moved into the school library to capture an employee tutoring one of her students.


And that’s a wrap! Remaining scenes were created in post-production or from existing footage we had. Check out the final spot below to see how it all came together for a really beautiful spot showcasing our wonderful city.