Roto-Rooter Makes Its "Jersey Shore" Debut

Apr 23, 2018

We work for a roster of incredible clients with unique challenges—like the number-one plumbing company in the country, Roto-Rooter.

How do we help Roto-Rooter stay front and center?

We are tasked with keeping a needs-based service top of mind to millennial homeowners. 

An ongoing strategy we love to utilize is joining the social conversation during iconic pop culture moments and premieres. Here, Roto-Rooter can provide funny, share-worthy content to their target audience organically. Our current effort?

The Jersey Shore reboot.



It's especially awesome when the cast members actually call you out!



We applied the following filters to produce the best creative for this project:


We revitalized the brand to make a needs-based service memorable.


We brought the potty humor—front and center.


We used social media to tell the brand's story, while providing consumers with engaging content they would want to share.

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