Jun 25, 2015

At the University of Kentucky, I had a number of professors who worked as creative directors or copywriters at big-name agencies—some of whom have been out of the business for 20 to 30 years. In contrast, experiencing life at an actual agency, rather than hearing about it secondhand in class, has shown me the true meaning of “expect the unexpected.” Here’s some of what my professors have said versus what the culture at Curiosity has taught me.

PROFESSORS: Be the Idea Man. If your ideas aren’t winning, go home.

CURIOSITY PROFESSIONALS: Be one of the Idea Men. Or women. There are never too many “Idea Men.” Good ideas can come from anywhere—you just have to keep your eyes and ears open for them. Advertising is a highly collaborative process, and anyone who brings something to the table is just as valuable as you.


PROFESSORS: Print ads are king. Do about five hundred and they might get you a job.

CURIOSITY PROFESSIONALS: Digital media is the new frontier. Pretty soon there will be an even newer frontier. Why? Because advertising is adaptive and innovative, so you should be, too.


PROFESSORS: You’re either creative or you’re not. Creativity doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

CURIOSITY PROFESSIONALS: Ah, the myth of creativity. Much debated, this prestigious label of “creativity” has threatened many minds into shrinking back below their potential. Curiosity fosters the idea that as long as a person has the ability to take in new information, they have the ability to generate new information of equal or greater value. It’s, like, Newton’s Law or something.


PROFESSORS: Nobody reads long copy anymore. Okay, I’ll give them that one.


Jamie is a copy intern in the 2015 Curiosity Internship Program.