Marketing Buzzword Mad Libs

Apr 11, 2014


Every industry has them. Those things that seep into meeting conversations like termites in your home. There’s really no avoiding them and scientists still haven’t found a cure. They’re those too-many-syllable, ultra-ambiguous, professorial-sounding BUZZWORDS!

Be honest—you’ve used buzzwords before. At some point when you attempted to articulate a difficult concept or idea you resorted to the ace-in-the-hole word that always makes people in the room feel like you’re brilliant. And hey, oftentimes buzzwords do make sense to use, because some marketing concepts don’t have a better substitute.

Who hasn’t heard the old, “We aim to extrapolate key brand loyalist insights from paramount demographic groups in order to elevate the architecture and aesthetics of our brand story?” Don’t forget everyone’s favorite: “It’s time to insight mine and tap into our thought leadership base to uncover trend-inducing keywords that will allow for brand acceleration.” You all understood that right? Good!

Using marketing buzzwords, even the most novice of English speakers can sound like a global CMO. Don’t believe me? Well to prove you wrong, I’ve created a little version of that timeless American game “Mad Libs” below. It’s a single sentence, and you’ll need to pull words from each of the four columns below to complete it. Seriously, you don’t need to work 10 years at a Madison Avenue. ad agency to be a marketing expert!

The goal of this project is to “COLUMN A PHRASE” “COLUMN B PHRASE” in order to build “COLUMN C PHRASE” in our market, which will result in stronger “COLUMN D PHRASE” for our key stakeholders.

• Leverage
• Amplify
• Extrapolate
• Insight mine
• Ideate
• Synergize
• Deploy

• Trend-tracking keywords
• Brand architecture
• Brand aesthetic fundamentals
• Emotion-based consumer touch points
• Social conversations
• Blogger-created content
• Big data
• An immersive experience
• Low-hanging fruit

• Growth equity
• Consumer empathy
• A reason to believe
• World-of-mouth channels
• An upward trajectory
• Viral content
• Agility

• Qualitative metrics
• Brand narratives
• Thought leadership
• Targeted impressions
• GGT (this acronym doesn’t mean anything by the way, but it sure sounds like it does)
• Engagement
• Consumer activation
• Native advertising