Introducing Curiosity’s 2016 Staff Portrait!

Sep 01, 2016

Each year, we take a team picture to document our curious culture and how our agency has grown and changed. We always have a different theme: we’ve been astronauts, characters from Mad Men, world travelers and passion-seekers. This year’s theme is a little quirkier than the rest, but bear with us, there’s a good story behind it!

When we moved to our new headquarters last year, we decided to treat our team to a house warming gift—a new pair of custom Converse sneakers. Chucks have always been popular around the office, so we gave everyone a chance to put their own spin on them, like the pair below:

Tom Studer Curiosity Converse

Needless to say, the gift was a big hit. No two pairs of Converse were alike. We wanted to show off our new kicks, and our annual portrait seemed like the perfect opportunity. But we learned the hard way that a group picture of people wearing mostly the same shoes can be kind of boring:

Group Photo of Converse Shoes

So how do we make sure our team photo isn’t a total snoozefest? Turn our Curiositeers into Mr. & Ms. Potato Heads. Boom: our 2016 team portrait theme was born.

So without further ado, we present the 2016 Curiosity portrait:

2016 Curiosity Advertising Team Portrait

Want to see how we did it? Go behind the scenes at our 2016 photoshoot:


Enjoy, friends!