Internship: A Curious Experience

Jul 17, 2015

I always thought an internship was an opportunity to maybe learn something valuable while running between the copier and the coffee machine. When I stepped through the front door of Curiosity marked with a sign that read “open mind, enter here,” I realized interning here would be different. That sign was just the start, and I found other ways Curiosity’s robust internship program was different.

Curiosity’s summer internship program is designed with elements more in common with a classroom than a traditional internship. Matt Fischer, Curiosity’s president and CCO, kicked off the summer internship program and outlined the goals, the first and most important of which were constant learning and insatiable curiosity. One activity was a weeklong film camp in which the interns were split into two teams and partnered with high school film students to film and produce commercials promoting Curiosity’s core principles. While the program is designed to allow learning in a more controlled environment, make no mistake, Curiosity interns learn through hands-on, real-world work, too. This work has led me to have a strong understanding of how a successful agency functions. One pillar of a successful agency is its formalized approach to client projects. Every agency has one, and in Curiosity’s case it is the “4-D Process.”

This process is structured so that content is target-focused and everything is strategically aligned. The process also helps both Curiosity and the client really understand and agree on the objective. This helps inform decisions on how to best express the brand and connect to consumers. Knowing all the available tools up front is important, and this process also helps Curiosity understand what resources from the client are available. All of this allows for an approach that both the client and Curiosity feel accomplishes the mutual goals set at the start of the project. Learning how an advertising agency operates is valuable for me because I want a career in advertising, and it prepares me for what a real agency work environment is like.

Curiosity is really dedicated to its comprehensive internship program. The employees care about personal growth, and as a writer always looking to get better, I find that refreshing. Personally, growth for me has come through working so closely with the employees on many projects. My writing ability is tested daily, and with mentors, I feel that I can really grow as a writer. The fact that Curiosity even has a program designed to help interns learn shows the company’s stance towards being a lifetime learner and staying curious.