If You Can Be Anything, Be Curious

Jul 11, 2016

Be Curious

I may not be an expert in advertising, research, or knowing what I’m doing with my life, but I am exceptional at being curious.

You may be thinking, “How cliché of you to write a blog on curiosity at an agency called Curiosity Advertising.” Well, my friend, I will ignore your snide remark and continue on, because curiosity has driven my entire existence. It’s allowed me to uncover my passions and live a fulfilling life. For background:

Age 4: Ballet. I lasted approximately one class when I realized that “grace” is not in my vocabulary. The lesson I learned at this young age is that it’s normal to try something new and absolutely hate it—and you can’t let this discourage you. This should fuel your desire to find happiness, success and satisfaction.

Age 14: Water Polo. This sport has dominated my life socially, physically and emotionally. I’ve met friends who have become my family and learned invaluable life skills. I often wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t been curious about such an odd sport. Who would I hang out with? Would my personality be different? Most importantly, would my shoulders still be this broad? Don’t smother your curiosity and be left wondering what could’ve happened if you hadn’t put yourself out there.

Age 15: American Sign Language. Sure, Spanish might be more applicable, but imagine speaking with your hands with someone who isn’t used to forming a deep connection with the hearing world. Sometimes, what seems like the most practical thing isn’t always going to make your heart happy.

Age 18: The Ohio State University. In college, I’ve tried a lot of things—quit a lot of things—and loved every scarlet-and-gray-filled minute of it. If you find yourself in a place with infinite possibilities, don’t get comfortable. Instead, branch out, challenge yourself and satisfy your curiosities.

Age 19: Psychology. I can confidently say that a more curious major does not exist. Not only can I attempt to understand the people around me, but I also get to constantly ask questions and research the why’s and how’s of humanity.

Age 21: Insights Internship at Curiosity Advertising. Walking in the door on my first day, my advertising and market research knowledge consisted purely of self-taught information and Mad Men. I started this internship knowing that I am the least knowledgeable person in this building. Terrifying, right? Wrong. I love being a small fish in a big pond surrounded by people willing to teach me everything they know. I’m not a design intern with an amazing portfolio or a copywriter who tells beautiful stories. I’m just Kate. I’m curious, passionate and determined to find the right cup of tea (career). As the Insights Intern, I fit right in. The people here at Curiosity sure are swaying me toward this crazy industry of Insights.

My boyfriend recently told me that I always say, “That’s interesting”—to which I replied, “That’s interesting!” At first I was concerned. Am I that person who unknowingly (and annoyingly) says a certain phrase too much and everyone knows it but me? But then again, is it really that bad to think that everything is interesting, and to be intrigued by the world around us? I’ve tested this hypothesis and can conclude that a curious life is a satisfying life. You know what they say (and by “they” I mean “me”): “If you can be anything, be curious.”

— Kate Caldwell, Curiosity Intern