Holiday Traditions and/or Obsessions

Dec 15, 2014


The holidays are always a busy time of year, and it feels like every year it gets worse. This year, I have been trying to remind myself to take a moment and embrace the season. This includes noticing Christmas lights, trying to bring a little “holiday cheer” to people, baking cookies, and most importantly–watching Christmas movies.

Okay, Confession #1: I am one of those lovers of the Hallmark, ABC Days of Christmas, and Lifetime holiday movies. However, no Christmas would be complete without the viewing of my holiday favorites: Love Actually, The Holiday, Elf and MOST importantly, Home Alone.

Confession #2: I can recite the entire Home Alone movie from start to finish. So how many times does one have to watch said movie in order to memorize each and every line, complete with the right inflection and timed to perfection? Well, I’ve lost count, but each year it is somewhere in the realm of 15+ times, starting as early as November 1 (I am always in the camp of getting into the holiday spirit earlier rather than later) and ending as late as February (you know, to get over those holidays-are-over-what-now blues). If we add that up for every year since the movie came out, we are well into the hundreds.

My obsession goes so far that any person that knows me even remotely well feels compelled to send me pictures of their first viewing of the season, texts when it is on TBS, and the passing down of Home Alone from them to their children.

Now, I should probably be embarrassed about all of this, but you know what? I’m not.

It’s a tradition, it’s a connection point between me and so many people I love and let’s face it, we could all be known for a lot worse.

So I will continue to hold my head high, and drive my husband crazy with many viewings of Home Alone each season. In fact, I have a feeling tonight might be the perfect opportunity for the next one!