Great Night for Curiosity’s Open House!

Apr 15, 2016

Last night (April 14), we celebrated our new space with 200 clients and other agency friends. The party featured three Cincinnati artists “painting” chalk walls throughout the night, which allowed guests and staff to see examples how the creative process unfolds in person. We asked each artist to create a design illustrating what curiosity meant to them personally. With distinct styles and backgrounds, they were able to bring a wide range of perspectives, creativity and energy to the space.

A huge shout out to the artists, Matt Grote, Nicole Trimble and Peter Van Hyning for their amazing work and helping us make our space an even more curious place. Special thanks to Matt Joy (DJ), Huit Barbecue (catering), and Bars on Wheels (bar) for helping us put together an awesome night.


IMG_0889 (1)

Peter Van Hyning and a corner of Matt Grote’s murals.



Matt Grote


IMG_0875 (1)

Nicole Trimble



Party in full swing!


IMG_0883 (1)

The Spread


IMG_0313 (1)

Late night group shot!