Does digital media need housekeeping?

Feb 07, 2017

Position: Brands need to be asking their agencies the right questions about digital media measurement and have a right to transparency.


Curiosity Advertising picks our media vendors similarly to how we pick our clients—by looking for partners with the same values that we embody. They should be trusting, honest and truly a partner in this ever-changing landscape. We have a list of criteria that we exhaust when selecting digital media partners that span transparency, viewability and bot traffic. We utilize our clients’ dollars like they’re our own. If we don’t have a clear understanding of where those dollars are being invested and what we will get for them, we will not work with that partner.

    1. Transparency: Sharing any and all details with our clients regarding media costs, fees, reporting, etc., is standard procedure. We have a list of criteria and questions that we use to vet potential media partners (traditional and digital) related to delivery, site lists, optimizations, fees, and more. If partners are unable to address these concerns, they are not considered to be a part of the media buy.
    2. Viewability: Most reputable digital media partners now offer third-party validation and viewability tracking as components to their buys. We take advantage of these tools and optimize our placements to achieve and surpass industry viewability standards
    3. Bot Traffic: Media vendors are well aware of the impact bots have on media campaign success. Curiosity is proactively only working with partners that utilize and monitor for bot traffic. Bot traffic hurts media vendors’ reputations, so they are heavily investing in measurement tools to alleviate this pressure.
    4. Ad Blocking: This is a topic we are watching closely, and we are continuing to work with partners to combat this practice. eMarketer reports that they estimate 86.6 million people will utilize an ad blocker in 2017. This is a 26% increase from 69.8 million in 2016. The main area of focus for combating ad blocking is going to rely on the publishers to prevent devices with ad-blocking technology from consuming the content. If the publishers are unable to do this, advertisers will begin blacklisting them from their properties, which will ultimately impact their revenue stream from ad buys.

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