Curiosity Announces New President and Chief Client Officer, Trey Harness

Mar 01, 2018

Curiosity Advertising is pleased to announce that Trey Harness will be joining the agency March 5 as President and Chief Client Officer. He will lead the agency’s Client Service team, which includes strategy and project management.

Trey comes to Curiosity after more than five years at gyro Cincinnati, where he most recently held the title of President. He brings more than 15 years of agency experience, during which time he has exemplified Curiosity’s mantra of being “smart, bold and efficient” through strategic leadership, bold creative solutions and strong business results.

But his impressive credentials weren’t the agency’s only reason for tapping Harness. “Trey is a smart, courageous and tenacious marketer,” Matt Fischer, Curiosity’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer says, “and his leadership and communication styles are collaborative, focused and always transparent. He also possesses a great sense of humor and humility that complement his servant leadership style.”

He adds, “Trey has an amazing passion for the business of advertising, and he really wanted to get back to working with an independent agency—and we are happy to oblige.”

There were several deciding factors that drew Trey to Curiosity as well. “I’m here because I’ve always admired this place from afar. I’ve always been a big believer in Matt and Greg and what they’ve been building here, and I think being a part of an organization that is going through an evolution and being a part of building something special is really important to me—having a real impact in shaping where the company is going to go, being able to have my fingerprints on it in a meaningful way, and feeling like it’s a part of me.”

Trey looks forward to several aspects of his new role. “Getting back into consumer marketing is something I’m super excited about,” he says. “And I love that Curiosity’s accounts offer a blend of being able to work on some bigger national brands, while also being able to work on stuff that’s really important to Cincinnati. To me, that’s going to be really rewarding.”