Copy & Paste

Apr 01, 2014


Hey everybody! Are you living life? Great! Are you doing it because some company told you to? Because there are a lot of them doing it. A whole lot. Here are just a few taglines inviting you to continue to exist:

Live Life Unfiltered
Live Life Active
Live Life to the Plus
Live Life Drive
Live Life Loud
Live Life Nspired

From the inadvisable (Live Life Unfiltered—should we remove our kidneys?) to the unintelligible (Live Life…Drive?) companies everywhere seem to be commanding us not to die. And to do so in a very specific, yet entirely vague way.

The cause of these sleep-talking taglines is easy to identify. As easy as a bear in a shopping mall. It’s a copywriter who is listening to the brief instead of the voice in their head that understands writing. These lines are a product of math, not creativity. And they sound that way to everyone, consumers included.

Live + Life + [Product Attribute].

Sure, these lines tick boxes. They tick them like there’ll be no boxes tomorrow. But they don’t say anything. Which, we can all agree, is the purpose of advertising at its most fundamental level.

You may be thinking, “You must be so proud of yourself, Warren. Attacking someone else’s work like this.” But part of the reason I’m so vehement is that I’m guilty. I’m sure I’ve been asleep at the copywriting wheel and, no doubt, written some brainless line like “Live Life Unsweetened.” All it would have taken is a client to hear the word “life,” think it speaks to their brand, and bam! We’ve made a drooling billboard for the world to see ignore.

So I invite everyone—copywriters, marketers, account folks, janitors—to join me in letting people live their lives however they will, and finding something more meaningful to say.