Is Content Really King?

Jul 11, 2017

They say content is king. But is it really?

Well, yes—but behind every king is an even greater queen. In this case, content’s queen is context. When used correctly, content placed with the right context can make your brand relatable, educate your consumer audience and elevate brand awareness in a way that connects to your services in a memorable way.

Here are a few examples of content used with the right context:

1) Tips to educate

3) B2B and consumer tips


Marshmallows met the voice of their generation (which happens to be British) in Marshfellows, a series of social media videos that encourage moms and kids to try TruMoo as a healthier alternative to hot chocolate. Who doesn’t love a marshmallow in a top hat and mustache? No one.

7)  New ways to use the brand


Tasty-style videos for Mayfield Creamery showed consumers how to play with their food and be festive at the same time. Tiny Fourth of July brownie sundae, anyone?