Business Courier Quotes Curiosity on Great Local Websites

Oct 13, 2015

Along with the release of the list of Top Web Design Firms, The Cincinnati Business Courier asked ranking agencies to select a local business’s website they admire and comment on it. We settled on Dewey’s Pizza. Why? See below:

Visually, the site’s use of fonts and background textures connects nicely with the brand’s personality. The architecture is unexpected and fresh with a left-to-right organization as opposed to a stacked layout. Not to mention, a vertical navigation bar is in the center of the page as opposed to the side or top—very cool. The mobile site offers an intuitive and simple user experience, which is very important. Plus the site makes great use of headlines to give a rock star character to the brand, e.g., “The Hendrix guitar solo of pizza, except we never burn it.” What I’m missing is some photography of the delicious food. Crowd sourcing this through social media could be one of several ways to bring the food to life a bit more online. Why am I now craving a Green Lantern?

–Andy Brownell, Director of Content Strategy

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