Boy Scouts “Be Prepared” Campaign

Jul 09, 2014


Creative refreshment campaign


The Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America, serves youth in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas. With the 2013 Fall Recruitment season approaching, Curiosity was tasked with the challenge of developing a creative refreshment campaign to help boost Cub Scout enrollment. This involved creating a concept that spoke to kids (specifically, first- through third- graders) and, most importantly, moms, showcasing the benefits scouting provides and ultimately resulting in registration with an established local unit.

In addition, Scouting has developed a somewhat worn brand character, seeped in a traditional place within a world that continues to move and change. There was also the need, therefore, to develop a new positioning that was more relevant to today’s kids. To satisfy that need, Curiosity crafted two versions of the campaign, one tailored to parents and the other to boys.

Scouts seeks to help kids get outside and develop useful skills they can build on, which proves to parents the program’s importance for their sons’ development.


Moms see Scouting as a healthy lifestyle activity for their children. It is a program where their child will learn to spread his wings and move along the path toward becoming a positive adult (satisfaction, nurturing, simplification). Further, moms see Scouting as an opportunity for dads to be involved with their sons.

For kids, Scouting is a program (club) that they can join with their friends, and together they get to try new things, learn cool stuff and have lots of fun (freedom, belonging, fun).


Curiosity developed a full 360° campaign titled “Be Prepared,” with its tagline “Cub Scouts: Be Prepared for Something Different,” calling parents’ attention to the life stages for which Scouting provides guidance to help their sons excel. Scouting is a program where their children learn important values needed to become a strong adult, while kids see scouts as a fun and exciting program where they can learn new things.

Items developed for this campaign included: TV, radio, billboards, posters, school flyers, yard signs, frisbees and stickers. All of the kids photographed in the campaign are actual Cub Scouts from the Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky area.


All materials created have been very well received by the Dan Beard Council for their ability to portray a fresh, exciting new look while still communicating the time-honored values and skills that Scouting provides. Recruitment numbers are expected to increase, thanks to the new campaign.