Basement Explorations

Feb 10, 2014


I was recently going through some old files in a box in the back of my basement. There was manila file folder simply titled “poems.” Inside the folder were pages of poems and other narratives that I had written sometime between the ages of 15 and 25. I am now 30 years older, and it is fun and fascinating to see how I put thoughts together at that time. The poems range from simple observations to perplexing questions about existence. From time to time, I will post a few of the poems. You may find them amusing, silly, simplistic or thoughtful. That’s the interesting thing about poems.

Here are two for today:

The Bond

Let the silence of these walls reflect,

the strength inside this room.

To those who pass, dear Lord I pray,

the strength within they’ll use.

And when the lights turn off at night,

and when those here move on.

Their strength will not pass with the time,

but in this room stay strong.


They have a way of

acting out thoughts.

They laugh and cry and sing and

tell tales that wind and wind.

They are saying things without

saying things.

Yes, Poems

are just that way.