9 Things To Know About Heather

Oct 10, 2017


1) What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I was attacked by Voldemort. That’s right, I am the chosen one.

But in all seriousness, I got bit by a dog when I was 8 years old and had to get over 500 stitches on my head. It was pretty brutal, like you could see my skull, brutal. He had my entire head in his mouth and hit a main artery in the back of my head. My friend and I had this excellent plan to put her giant dog in a stroller, and when we failed because we were 8 and weak, I bent down to pet him and boom. I’ve never let it bother me though. I love dogs and my friend and i remained friends. You can see the scar on my forehead which is why when people ask I just say I was attacked by the Dark Lord and move on.

Oh, and I hate cheese.  


2) Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid.

When I was a freshman in high school my friends and I decided to skip the bus and walk to the McDonald’s down the street, which meant that we had to walk down the main road full of after-school traffic. One minute I was thinking about them chicken nugs, the next thing I see is this little piece of cardboard rolling in front of me. Turns out, a group of boys driving home had a little personal birthday cake and decided to throw it at the random girls walking down the street. (High school, am I right?) Of course it only hit me, and the kids sped off the second it happened. And then I had to continue walking to McDonalds, where I eventually ended up having to wash the majority of the cake out in the bathroom sink, and a hot senior took my order while I waited for my dad to pick me up. Then the next day, this girl decided to announce it in the hall for everyone to know that it was me, and asked if I was okay.

I never figured out who it was, but to be honest, I would love to shake their hand, because dude’s got aim.


3) Who is your favorite character of all time? Why?

Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, because I am Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Weird, energetic, always singing and dancing, loud, oblivious to everything, loves wine, talks to her food.

4) Tell us about your big dreams for your tiny house!

Yeah so, I want a tiny house! The dream would be to have a tiny house on top of a mountain in Oregon or Montana or somewhere where it still gets cold. I lived in a 400 square foot studio apartment when I lived in Seattle and I personally loved it. Not only did it take me 10 minutes to clean my entire apartment but it was so much easier to not have so much junk. Nothing planned just yet but it’s on the bucket list.



5) What is something you get unreasonably excited about?

I LOVE. WRAPPING. PRESENTS. I get reallllly into it. I make my own name tags and everything. As a kid I always got so excited when I actually got to unwrap a gift instead of just opening a bag so I always feel like I’m bringing the inner child out when I give a wrapped gift.


6) You recently moved 7 times in 3 years, and you are now settled in Hyde Park (at least for now); what is it that you enjoy about living in Cincinnati?


I’m originally from Beavercreek, a suburb of Dayton, and once I graduated college I was desperate to GTFO. My first job was in Columbus working on rebranding a company called Foot Petals. The work was fun but I learned very quickly that corporate jobs are not for me. I then moved to Cincinnati where I started working for Curiosity the first time around, (that’s right, I’m a boomerang), and I just fell in love with this city. I love all the old buildings and parks, and I’ve met nothing but amazing people here, including the love of my life and BFFAE, Kelly T. There’s so many good local restaurants like Sunnyside Grill, which if you’re a big burger person you 100% need to go there. I literally had a dream about their waffle fries when I lived in Seattle—so good. Also, there’s always something to do whether it’s a free event in the park, or a concert at Bogart’s, or the Taste of Cincinnati. But to be honest with you, Skyline Chili is not for me, I don’t really like Goetta, and LaRosa’s is okay but I need light sauce; however, I do LOVE UDF ice cream, Graeter’s, and a cherry pie from Busken.

7) You have a dog: Pugsley Gene. Tell us about how he got his name.

Pugsley Gene! <3 My little man! He’s a lab/heeler mix and my boyfriend and I adopted him from SAAP. His name was actually Pugsley Addams when we adopted him, and that’s really when I knew it was meant to be, because I love The Addams Family. And Gene, because if Pugs were a person, I’m pretty sure he would be Gene Belcher from my favorite show, Bob’s Burgers. It just makes sense.

8) Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Cher! She was having a concert at the Nutter Center during the same time I was at dance camp and a few of her dancers came down and watched us perform and showed us a few things. Then shortly after that, she came down and introduced herself and invited all of us and our parents to attend her concert for free! Extremely nice lady! I’ve never really been a diehard Cher fan, but still super cool.

9) Name one completely useless thing you’re really good at.

I some how know the words to almost every song I hear. Not like every word, but I pick up the chorus real quick and it just sticks in my head forever. Especially country songs when I don’t even listen to country music. I don’t really understand how because I have a terrible memory but songs, dance moves and funny lines from tv shows just stick forever. I still remember a routine I learned in an hour, at dance camp, when I was 12, but I couldn’t even tell you the subject I wrote my senior english paper on, or what I did last weekend.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯