9 Things to Know About April

Aug 21, 2017

1. You live in a condo in downtown Cincinnati. What are the things about urban life that you enjoy so much?

We absolutely LOVE living downtown. My husband and I are both urban dwellers and are trying to instill the same love of the city to our son, Sam. There is nothing quite like being able to walk out your front door and have access to parks, restaurants, bars, museums, concerts and sports within walking distance. We went out on a limb seven years ago when we purchased our first condo and are SO happy to see the city on its way to reaching its full potential! 

2.  You have traveled extensively with your family. Can you tell us about the top three places you have been?

We decided to stay in Cincinnati with the understanding that the cost of living would allow us to travel. There are five siblings in the Martini family, not to mention several “tagalongs” that we have adopted over the years (just ask Kevin Clark!). I guess you could say that we travel in a pack and are all of the mindset that you learn so much about the world by experiencing other places. It is hard to choose just three places, but I guess I would say: 1. Mallorca is hands down the most beautifully peaceful place I have been. There isn’t anything like waking up surrounded by orange and lemon orchards and being able to grab a couple for fresh juice in the morning; 2. Paris—there is something so addicting about the energy of the city. Of course, it is full of major landmarks that people travel to see, but I enjoyed exploring the lesser known parts of the city and looking for recommendations from the locals; 3. Chicago—not an exotic place, for sure, but a home away from home. Yes, I have lived there, so maybe that is part of it, but it has become our go-to when we need a familiar spot full of some of our very best memories.

3. Tell us about your son, Sam, and his resemblance to the kid from Jerry Maguire.

This one made me laugh! My son, Sam, recently had to get glasses because he literally could not see hardly anything at all. (The wonders of modern science, being able to diagnose a vision problem in a child that cannot even read yet!) We are constantly told that he looks just like Jonathan Lipnicki, the little boy from Jerry Maguire. And with that comes all of the quotes…“Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds? Do you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?” He has become quite the attraction with those little glasses!

4. You have a background in graphic design. Tell us about your journey to becoming involved in strategy work.

It is true, as many of you know, that I started out in design and then transitioned to business. I would say, to be honest, that I didn’t fit squarely in either role when it came to schooling. When I was working on my undergrad in graphic design, I missed business. And when I was getting my MBA in marketing, I missed everything creative. I never could have told you what “strategy” was as I was trying to figure it all out, but as I look back I can see how I made it here. I LOVE problem solving, digging in and getting my hands dirty, and looking for ways to sell in great creative work built from a strong strategic foundation. Having time to explore and think hard about our work is where I am at my best.

5. What’s the last random internet…thing…you saw that made you laugh out loud to yourself?

THIS VIDEO. I am not even a cat fan. It caught me so off guard, and I still crack up every time. This is my kind of humor. Something totally unexpected that makes me laugh so hard I cry!  


6. If you had unlimited resources for the next two years, what would you do? (After two years, you go back to your life as it is now.)

This is probably not a surprise after one of my previous answers, but I would travel the world. There is still so much I have not seen!

7. Tell us a memorable story of yourself when you were a kid. It can be funny, surprising, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one. Full disclosure—these types of questions give me severe anxiety. Anything that starts with “memorable” or “favorite” or “best/most,” I have a terrible time answering. My mind fills with ALL of the possible answers at once and I have an impossible time choosing. I guess I would say the feeling you get when you spend all day outside in the summer swimming and playing, and you go to bed at night feeling so happy and tired and calm all at once. I can remember so many of these nights from when I was a kid, and it seems like an impossible thing to recreate as an adult. Right now, I live vicariously through my son when he experiences the same thing!

8. What is something you get unreasonably excited about? Christmas!!!! I realize many people get excited for the holidays, but I get absolutely giddy. I am not one of those people who is a kid at heart in many ways, but this is one. I absolutely love everything about it—the decorations, the baking, the movies (Home Alone! Elf! A Christmas Story! The Holiday! Love Actually! Miracle on 34th Street! And I could go on…), the lights, the smells, and people are just nicer in general. I seriously love it. We spend every Christmas (and have for at least the past 20 years) in Florida with my immediate family (and now kids, significant others and, yes, some of those tagalong friends!) and it has become a tradition that I look forward to and hope never goes away. It is still a magical time of year for me.

9. Speaking of superpowers…which one would you have? Why? Reading people’s minds. I am just so fascinated about how other people tick, and I love spending time trying to figure out people’s motivations, points of view, etc. I just think being able to see what goes on in other people’s heads would teach me something I’ll never be able to otherwise crack the code on!