8 Things to Know about Digital Media Coordinator Amy Hood

Jun 16, 2016

Amy’s Engagement

What’s one of the dumber things you did when you were young?

So, the day before I was set to take my ACT in high school, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to put up rod-iron shelves in my bedroom. I filled them full of random (and heavy) crap that I probably didn’t need in the first place. Promptly at 3 a.m., I woke up to a loud thud in my room, and my first thought was that someone had just climbed through my window and was about to kill me. I threw the blankets over my head and just started screaming. My dad woke up to the screaming and thought it was my mom. Mom was trying to get up and come into my room, but dad grabbed hold of her arm thinking he was calming her down. She threw a good punch in his side and took off. She got into my room, flipped on the lights and saw the shelf on the floor. It was such a shock that I started hyperventilating. Mom kicked my dad out of bed and I slept in bed with her until I had to go take my ACT. Not fun, at all.


Name one completely useless thing you’re good at.

Three words (two if you count the hyphen). One-handed clapping. It sounds really weird and it’s completely useless. Stop by and I’ll show you.


Favorite college course unrelated to your major:

I absolutely loved my ceramics class in college. It was probably my favorite out of all of them. We got to use the wheel-thingy (yes, that’s the technical term…) and learn how to shape things by hand. It was so much fun, and I still have a ton of the pottery I made. I actually have one on my desk! Check out my pencil holder.


What is your favorite genre to see in a theater, specifically?

I love going to see movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in theaters. Those movies that are the perfect mixture of fiction/fantasy/sci-fi. It amazing to see all the thought and detail they put into them on the big screen.


What is your dad’s role in your upcoming wedding, and what does that have to do with how many places you’ve lived when you were a kid?

My dad is officiating my wedding! He’s pretty excited and I’m nervous he’s going to say something completely embarrassing. He’s been a pastor for as long as I can remember and his job has moved us all over the mid-west. I’ve lived in Chicago, Louisville, Southern Indiana, Northern Ohio, Dayton and now Cincinnati. I went to three different high schools and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t count the number of elementary schools.

Amy's Family

When was the first time you had seafood?

Growing up we never had any seafood because my mom despised the smell. I tried seafood for the first time about year ago when I first met my fiancé: he took me into a seafood restaurant for a date. I’d only ever tasted salmon and few bites of things here and there. I can’t get past the texture and the smell of some if it, but we are getting there. It’s my fiancé’s mission in life to get me to try (and love) all seafood that has ever existed.


Where are you going for your honeymoon in an effort to fix the response to question 6?

Mike (my fiancé) was in charge of picking our honeymoon location and he made his decision solely based on food. He picked Gulf Shores, Alabama because of all the fresh seafood places. He’s pretty determined to make me try a little bit of everything (we’ll see…). Mike found a condo right in the middle of all the best restaurants and has literally planned out every single meal already. I’m not kidding.


Tell us about a typical Thanksgiving with your fiancé’s family and why there are always so many police officers involved?

My fiancé’s family is huge, and when I say huge, I mean 150 people show up for Thanksgiving every year. It’s a madhouse and not a surprise to see some of Cincinnati’s finest in the building. His uncle runs the P&G Jazz Festival down at the Bengal’s stadium every year, and the entire family helps out in one way or another. They all have gotten pretty close with some of the officers that are typically on duty during the event. So, during Thanksgiving, it’s not a surprise to see an officer pull up in a cruiser out front for a quick to-go plate for Thanksgiving. Totally normal, right?