7 Things to Know About Yvonne

Jul 27, 2017

1. What is your favorite movie genre to see in a theater, specifically?

Romantic, chick-flick types of movies. There’s something about being in a theater, hopelessly romantic with a wad of tissues and some Red Vines. Then, the lights come on and it’s back to reality.


2. If one word were to appear on your headstone, what would it be?


3. If you could live in a cartoon, which one would it be? Which character would you be in the cartoon? Why?

Lilo & Stitch. I LOVE Stitch, and see a lot of myself in him. Stitch is always getting into something, but it’s not intentional…it’s because he is trying to be helpful.


4. You refuse to eat corner pieces of pizza. Where does this preference come from? 
Being the youngest of five…corners went to me. I vowed, “When I grow up, there will be only center pieces for me.”


5. Speaking of aversions, you recently overcame a fear from your childhood. Can you tell us about that?
Let’s just say I have always been limited on places that I would go if they didn’t have an interior restroom. My Girl Scout troop made me overcome this…by camping, in a cemetery, after drinking lots of coffee to stay awake.


6. How do you “make memories for your kids?”
Scrapbooking! I want them to be able to look back see the picture come to life with what I was feeling at that moment.
7. People at Curiosity know you as an amazing baker. Can you give us the history of your favorite recipes? 

My fav is my grandmother’s pound cake recipe. Lots of people in my family had the opportunity to carry on the tradition, but for some reason, I’m the only one. It makes me happy every time I make it for people, and it makes people smile when they eat it. That makes it a win-win!