3 Tips on Integrating Mktg Tech into Your Campaign

Jan 19, 2017

Marketing technology is a vast and exciting area of opportunity to integrate additional tactics and experiences into your campaign. You can pepper in some 360-degree video, a virtual-reality world, some location-based gamification with AR, a few regionalized Snapchat lenses and a bit of some context-aware ads via beacons and BOOM! You will be the proud owner of a fully-immersive, tech-buffet campaign gone viral. Just what your creative brief asked for.

Although that sounds great, it’s not that simple. Let’s take a step back from the bright and shiny objects and try to put together some rationale first to really connect with your consumers.

  1. Know your campaign goals. Who are you trying to reach? Are your goals to raise awareness about your product or service? Need an increase in sales? Maybe you want to gain new customers through product trials. Do you have a story to tell about your brand, product or service? Know your goals!
  1. Know your audience. Assess your consumer’s journey along the path of your campaign. Where are they coming from? What do they want? Where do you anticipate they will go next? What is most likely to engage them, and get them on that path to reaching your goals? Do you have data and insights on those consumers? Knowing the answers to these questions, determine the possibility that your consumers have access to the leading-edge technologies you are thinking of deploying.
  1. Know your content. What types of content do you have or intend to produce? Do you have a strong, engaging story to tell? Will that content lend itself to an immersive and engaging 360-degree experience, or is it better served as standard video? Great examples of VR enhance storytelling, immersing a viewer in a 3-D experience.

Marketing technology is a vast landscape of opportunity to wow your audience with new and exciting experiences. At CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show), companies like Google and Vive were highlighted repeatedly for their VR offerings. During panels, leading agencies and content creators touted the best ways to use VR technology for consumer engagement. New video display technologies were unveiled with glass technologies that are becoming thinner and bendable, allowing for more areas of application. Looking into the near future, Kino-mo demonstrated its hologram technology that was not only impactful, but a crowd magnet.

In many cases, marketing technology has the ability to connect and extend established tactics like direct mail, in-store, web, streaming audio, video and out-of-home media. This is an exciting time as consumers increasingly begin to adopt and engage with these new technologies. But, again, knowing your audience and aligning your business goals is key to integrating marketing technology with your next campaign.
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