Oct 01, 2019

Three Things Every CEO Needs to Know about Building a Curious Culture

Warning: much of what I'm about to tell you will be scary, because it is counterintuitive what is taught in business school or the ways most corporations operate.

It’s no secret that new ideas and innovative thinking starts with a dash of curiosity. There is also a lot of research that proves curious people solve problems better and faster. They’re more resilient. They also show more empathy, work better collaboratively, demonstrate continuous learning and deliver greater value for the companies they work for. Knowing all of this, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that the question I get asked the most as CEO of an advertising agency is, 

“How did you create a culture that consistently attracts the kind of people who have that ‘X’ factor?”

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Sep 25, 2019

Curiosity Hires Ashley Neel As Vice-President, Activation

CINCINNATI – September 25, 2019 — Cincinnati-based Curiosity adds to its leadership team with the hire of Ashley Neel as Vice-President, Activation. Neel will be responsible for integrating the creative, strategy and media buying teams to deliver seamless execution for Curiosity’s clients.
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Sep 24, 2019

The Drum: Borden Dairy: Glass Half Full by Curiosity

This is the first of many pieces of creative that will launch nationwide for Borden, in an effort to bring joy and optimism to families. Curiosity worked with Borden to reinvent brand icon Elsie with a new, updated look. ... Learn more

Sep 20, 2019

MediaPost: Borden's Campaign For Kid Builder Milk Pushes Positivity

Borden launches a protein-infused, 2% milk titled Kid Builder that's designed to encourage growth. The supporting campaign, designed with Curiosity, expands Borden's 2019 repositioning of embracing optimism by featuring happy families enjoying their... Learn more

Aug 29, 2019

Politics and Media: What Marketers Need to Know

You hear that? That’s the churning sound of the political season on the horizon. And no course correction will change the inevitable conclusion. We’re headed straight for it. The only way out is straight through, and a confident point of... Read More

Jul 24, 2019

Tony Sarsam Discusses Borden Dairy Refresh

The dairy provider's CEO offers Deli Market News an exclusive interview, addressing rebranding, new products, and more ... Read More

Jul 01, 2019

Bush's® Spokes-dog Duke Launches Instagram at PetCon Los Angeles

The iconic golden retriever launched his Instagram feed with a VIP reception featuring The Dogs of Instagram, Crusoe the Dachshund, Harlow & Sage and other famous pets ... Read More

Jun 10, 2019


By Ryan Livingston Being a curious bunch, we spend a lot of time at Curiosity pondering and wondering not only about how things are now, but how they worked in the past, and how things might be in the future. Why are things popular now? Will they... Read More

May 16, 2019


CINCINNATI – May 14, 2019 — Cincinnati-based Curiosity adds to its C-suite with the hire of Ashley Walters as Chief Development Officer. She will be responsible for agency growth and marketing, as well as new capabilities and service... Read More

May 08, 2019

MediaPost: Borden's Elsie Undergoes Makeover

Borden is overhauling the 150-year-old brand's iconic cow logo to make itself relevant in a world full of dairy rivals and newer competitors, like soy and almond milk producers. ... Learn More