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Friday Stuff 06.07.2013


Have a look at our weekly roundup, this time with more ads. Delivered punctually at 4:00pm every Friday.

Enjoy your weekend.


The Interns

TRAILER: For the new film “Syrup,” based on Max Barry’s novel of the same name. things advertising people know to be true. isn’t real. What? Read to the end for some good tips. ADVICE:The science of hangovers. A nice compliment to the last article. Rooney in Nike’s new “It’s a Shirt” spot., this is an Axe commercial, deal with it., the first region to claim it is a hipster. So it must be true. is included in this fun hot dog ad for Applegate. CITIES:IBM’s outdoor ads with an online presence. a look at this website and their innovative drawing app.!at Playhouse in the Park thru 6/16. of the Problematique by Muse. Movie edit. LAST AD:Spicy. But not that spicy.

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