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Curiosity’s Summer Interns Get Creative on Instagram

The summer is wrapping up, and so is our intern program. For their last group project, we thought it would be fun to capture their perspective of the Curiosity experience! We were curious about what they’d do when they unleashed their creativity with no boundaries. We were the client and they were the team in charge. They were tasked with concepting, writing, presenting and producing visual pieces for social media.

We wanted the result to be genuinely theirs, and the results didn’t disappoint. Our interns displayed the honesty and ingenuity of our agency’s culture, and the fun, curious personalities of our team.



When I was first approached with the task of leading this project and mentoring the group in the creative area, I was nervous thinking they’d find this too challenging, or that their ideas would be too big to be realized on time and budget…in short, what all creatives face at the beginning of every project. My fears were unfounded. While they did have very big ideas, they approached the executions realistically, acknowledged their challenges and used these as parameters to create the best possible work, displaying maturity and professionalism.


We wanted this project to be fun, and the group took it to heart and involved the whole agency, encouraging team building through fun activities, like a marshmallow-eating contest, a doodling challenge and more.



Our interns’ creative executions were cleverly done. They honed their technical skills with a DIY approach, fitting in beautifully with their theme of authenticity. Calligraphy, iPhone photos and video, stop-motion, and hand-drawn graphics all enhanced and complimented their posts.


Curiosity's Summer Interns


This has been a wonderful group of young and bright minds that showed enthusiasm, creativity and resourcefulness. They reminded the agency to make a conscious effort to not lose our earnest and honest passions and to approach any project, even the most challenging ones, with positivity and an open mind. We will miss you, dear young friends! And we know you will excel in your careers–the journey is long and you’re just beginning, but you’ve demonstrated that you’re on the right path.

—Alexandra Dellis-Harcha, Art Director

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