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Allison Hoffman

Is Content Really King?

They say content is king. But is it really?

Well, yes—but behind every king is an even greater queen. In this case, content’s queen is context. When used correctly, content placed with the right context can make your brand relatable, educate your consumer audience and elevate brand awareness in a way that connects to your services in a memorable way.

Here are a few examples of content used with the right context:

1) Tips to educate


We ran this online video in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to help Roto-Rooter spread the word about a little-known, but very common problem with turkey-dinner cleanup.

2) Relate to consumers with humor


This GIF with animated steam rising from a hot cup of Roto-Rooter coffee ran on Father’s Day to connect with dads. Just imagine…a steaming toilet of rich mahogany water…or don’t.

3) B2B and consumer tips


This series of short videos demonstrates simple plumbing fixes in a style á la Tasty videos, helping establish Roto-Rooter’s platforms as a credible source for plumbing information.

4) Engage millennials


Millennials are a little more disenchanted with the spirit of Valentine’s Day than generations before them. So we turned that skepticism on its head and created a story about a first date, featuring a roll of toilet paper as the hero.

5) Nutrition


In this spot, we told the story of a nutritional debate moms weigh in on every single day for their kids. How can they give kids everything they need to fuel healthy growth while still letting them enjoy the foods they love? TruMoo lets them hit both targets in one snack.

6) Seasonal promotion


Marshmallows met the voice of their generation (which happens to be British) in Marshfellows, a series of social media videos that encourage moms and kids to try TruMoo as a healthier alternative to hot chocolate. Who doesn’t love a marshmallow in a top hat and mustache? No one.

7)  New ways to use the brand


Tasty-style videos for Mayfield Creamery showed consumers how to play with their food and be festive at the same time. Tiny Fourth of July brownie sundae, anyone?

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