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Account Team Learns A New Skill


At first glance, this photo doesn’t look out of the ordinary—the cutting table is a regularly populated location in our office as items are produced for various client meetings and deliverables. However, as you learn more about the people featured in the photo, you realize that this is where the unexpected comes in. All four of the team members features are on the account side—definitely not the normal production experts! However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and when an urgent client request came through it was all hands on deck! After a quick lesson in exacto knives, metal rulers, and cutting boards commenced, the team was off and running. While we won’t win any awards for our speed, we jumped into the ask willingly and actually enjoyed the assignment! Hours later, there was a huge sense of accomplishment for these Type-A folks as the fruits of our labor were stacked before us, ready for delivery!

Oh, but it is important to note: while we were happy to step in, I think we all realized that we should stick to our day jobs—while there were no major injuries, sore necks and hands indicated that we might not be cut out (pun intended) for this long term!

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