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About Us

It all starts with curiosity

Curiosity Advertising is the unique combination of traditional full-service offerings and unconventional creativity. It was founded on the belief that if we experiment with purpose, if we push with direction, our clients will thrive. This approach keeps our agency fresh, our work exceptional and our relationship with our clients one that goes beyond business.

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Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy Development

We take the guesswork out of positioning through a process we call RAMBO. This approach asks the right questions and explores the relevancy, appeal, motivation, belief and ownability of your brand. RAMBO is where raw curiosity meets purpose.


This is where beauty meets intent. Everything we design, every color, every element and every decision has a strategic thought behind it. This approach allows us to give our clients and the consumer the best of both worlds.


For advertising to be effective, a meaningful connection must be established. Through research, experience and creativity, we find the most unique, effective ways to unite people and brands.

Social Media Marketing

Social Strategy—Campaign—Promotions
Nowhere is the identity of a brand more visible, fragile and accessible than on social media. We see this space as the perfect venue to increase both sales and brand affinity by leveraging brand voice and creating a positive, personal experience for the consumer.


Our renowned Insight Division provides an invaluable service of having an ear to the ground at all times. What are people saying about your brand? What is their perception of your industry? What do they want? What do they need? We give you answers to these questions and more.


A consumer’s digital experience should be both an extension of the overall strategy and an opportunity to engage with the brand at a personal level. For us, digital is a two-way street: It’s a venue for us to establish an identity for a brand and build an audience; at the same time, it’s a space for consumers to directly communicate with the brand, thus strengthening their connection with the product.


We find your audience in the crowded media landscape and put your message where they are across all of today’s channels—traditional, digital, mobile and social media. It’s the continuous maintenance of a media plan that gets results.

Direct Marketing

Email—Direct Mail—One-to-One Marketing
We unify your brand message and deliver straight into your next revenue stream. Direct marketing is a targetable, measurable and essential element of any integrated marketing campaign.


Matt Fischer
President – Chief Creative Officer

Matt spent the first 21 years of his career counting his awards at venerable Madison Avenue agencies like DDB, Y&R, Hill Holliday, BBDO and FCB for his work on AT&T, Time Magazine, Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Starbucks, to name a few. In 2003 he took his talents to Cincinnati where he joined longtime friend Greg Livingston at the nationally recognized agency, Wondergroup. In 2010, he and Greg joined forces and started Curiosity. Since their powers combined, advertising has never been the same.

Greg Livingston
Partner – Chief Development Officer

Greg started his career on the agency side at DMG and DDB in New York City. He eventually returned to his Cincinnati roots and spent the next 10 years as VP of Marketing with LasikPlus. In 1998, Greg returned to the good side and started Wondergroup. There he helped grow the agency into national prominence with its focus on family advertising. In January of 2010 Greg shook hands with Matt Fischer and created Curiosity. They’re still shaking hands. Literally.

Our Clients

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