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Hospital advertising is flooded with shockingly similar messages, reciting rankings and credentials in an effort to attract the most patients possible. The Christ Hospital Health Network wanted a game-changing campaign. Curiosity’s challenge was to help The Christ Hospital part the “sea of sameness” that healthcare advertising had become.


After extensive research and interviews, Curiosity found that consumers desire exceptional treatment from all healthcare providers but most settled for a subpar patient experience. So we flipped the story and told consumers that it’s not only okay to expect exceptional care, but Christ Hospital delivers exactly that.

We created a campaign that focused on the emotional side of healthcare to help consumers connect instantly and memorably. The campaign Big Idea, “For Your Pursuit,” celebrates consumers’ lifestyles and shows them that The Christ Hospital is there to support them, help solve their medical condition and keep them doing what they love as long as possible.


The campaign has come to life in many ways, highlighted many healthcare issues and spanned multiple media formats. And the work continues to pay off. The Christ Hospital has experienced a significant increase in calls, patient volume and revenue, exceeding growth benchmarks and setting new standards for hospital communications.

Campaign Creative

Print Ads

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Direct Mail

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Joint & Spine Center Promotional Video

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