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Everything Insurance Should be.
The Cincinnati Insurance Companies launched its first national campaign in company history!
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Building Bears and Traditions
Embrace the wonder of the holidays with Build-A-Bear’s new campaign!
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Create, Fix and Repair with the Gorilla
Gorilla's new website provides everything from the basic product information and
how-tos through inspiring consumer self-reliance. Be Inspired.
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TruMoo’s Truly Good New Look
Drink in the beautiful new Trumoo.com.
It looks almost as delicious as TruMoo tastes.
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Cincinnati Bell
Discover the power and subtle beauty of our new spot as it introduces
the brilliance of Cincinnati Bell’s Fioptics TV and Internet services.
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Winner of the 2014 Goering Center
Small Private Business Award

Curiosity was honored this year by the University of Cincinnati's
Goering Center for Family and Private Business.
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Are you the cream-filled center in an otherwise doughy world?

What’s in a name? Everything.

Curiosity is what makes us the perfect proportions of daydreamers, scientists and workaholics. It’s the driving force behind everything we do; it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and it’s what keeps us up at night. Without curiosity, we’re just another advertising agency. So have a seat, stand up, lie down on the floor, and start experimenting. There’s always a better way, and we’re going to find it together.

Featured Work

The Right Stuff
Boy Scouts of America
Be Prepared
Airhead Moments

Recent Posts

Curiosity Launches Full Ad Campaign for DairyPure, A Shiny New Billion-Dollar Brand

Curiosity Advertising launched a full, 360-degree advertising campaign to support Dean Foods’ DairyPure brand introduction to the marketplace. DairyPure, the first national fresh white milk brand in the country, became a $2.5 billion brand overnight. This multibillion-dollar brand includes retail, school and institutional distribution.

Curiosity 100: How Much Do YOU Think Consumers Spend on Their Health Goals?

We were curious, so we asked 100 consumers to tell us about their healthy lifestyle goals for the year. The survey reveals significant brand opportunities in healthy living!